meet Angela

Hi and welcome to Sugar Sensation! I’m Angela Kerber, the resident sugar cookie enthusiast here at SS!

My passion for decorating cookies all began with curiosity. I just HAD to know how to get that nice, smooth icing layer (called flooding) on a cookie. So I found a sugar cookie recipe, made a batch of cookies and began mixing different icing consistencies to learn the how-to of flooding cookies.

Not only was I successful, but I had an incredibly fun time learning my newfound skill! I’ve become fascinated with the creative ability that God has given me to continually create these edible treasures. I absolutely LOVE designing and decorating beautiful cookies that so many can enjoy!

If you’re looking for a custom cookie design for your special event or occasion, I’m your gal! I would love to brainstorm ideas and create something truly memorable (and delicious) for your day. Drop me an email or visit my custom order page and we’ll start dreaming up a design together!

As I continue to create these cookie masterpieces I want to help YOU make beautiful cookies, too! On the blog I’ll be sharing my favorite tips & tricks for baking, as well as how-to’s for decorating. All so you can master the art of detail that will help take your cookie creations to the next level. Be sure to visit my resource page for some of my favorite blogs as well as websites for baking and decorating supplies!

A little more about me…

I live in Colorado with my wonderful husband of 27 years and our two teenage kids. Together we love to camp, traveling around our beautiful state of Colorado! And our doggie Porti, a Portuguese Water Dog goes everywhere with us.

Some of my favorite things to do when I’m NOT in the kitchen baking furiously include sewing, reading, the outdoors and following the Royals. I used to be an avid hiker until I was plagued with a chronic illness, which has slowed me down quite a bit. I’ve even hiked a 14,000+ foot mountain, twice!

A few random facts about me:

In my late teens and early 20s I was a print and fashion model!

  • I LOVE Mexican food and always say YES to dessert!
  • I enjoy Audible books, especially autobiographies.
  • Possibly the single strangest thing about me (at least other people think so) is that I DO NOT watch TV, EVER…PERIOD. I will go see a movie in the theater but that’s all the ‘screen’ time I do.
  • I long to visit Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia. Maybe someday cookie decorating will take me to these places in addition to other exotic places not mentioned. : )
  • Some of my favorite places across the United States that I’ve visited are Salem, MA, Ouray, CO and San Francisco, CA.
  • With me, your cookies will be emotionally stable and physically taken care of. I have a BA degree in Psychology and a BS in Nursing. Hence, your cookies will be very well-rounded! 😉
  • I’m secretly in love with anything pig. I’ve loved pigs for as long as I can remember and have my own pig collection, from small glass figures to little stuffed animal pigs and everything in between.

Let’s get in touch…

Have questions that aren’t answered here? I’d love to connect! Be sure to fill out my contact form or shoot me an email.

-Angela <3